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Looking to buy or sell a house? We perform septic tank and well inspections to provide a letter of inspection.

Experiencing toilets that won't flush or sewer backing up in the bathtub, gurgling coming from drain pipes? If so, its time to pump out the septic tank.

We specialize in pump-outs, installation, and repairs for septic tank systems for residential and commercial clients. We provide grease trap pump-outs for restaurants and cafes. We also specialize in water well services, such as well installation and repair. We perform septic tank and well inspections and provide Letters of Inspection to home buyers and sellers. Call us today, so we can provide you the service you've been looking for.

Complete Septic Tank LLC.


Tired of soggy and bubbling sewage from the septic drain field? It is likely the septic drain lines needs to be replaced. Call us Today!